About us

Mmmmm! Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good bag of Indian snacks? Yet, our health-conscious minds stop us from eating to our heart’s content. Too much oil. Too much masala.

Well, think again.

Driven by an irrepressible love for desi snacks and an equally strong desire for healthy living, Indian Origin seeks to change the common perception around eating namkeens. We are a home-based food brand located in Indore. Did you know that Indore is famous for some of the most delectable snacks in India? Try them once and you will keep wanting more!

We understand the importance of staying fit, of keeping your stomach healthy. We have seen people turn away a plate of chaklis with longing in their eyes. This ever-present struggle inspired us to create a range of snacks and namkeens that not only satisfy your taste buds, but also keepyour stomach happy.

If you’re a corporate professional working from 9 to 5, we are aware of your plight. We know about that sneaky pang of hunger that threatens to engulf come evening. Unless you’re a fitness freak with a bowl of fruits in your bag, your options are pretty limited. With our premium range of healthy snacks, you don’t have to worry about that hunger anymore. Try our baked khakhra, puffed rice or roasted chana. They are light, filling and loaded with nutrients.

At Indian Origin, we take every measure to ensure only the highest quality ingredients go into your body. Using innovative techniques, we restrict the amount of oil that is used to prepare the snacks without compromising the taste. Each component is handpicked and thoroughly scrutinised. Taking advantage of the goodness of Indian spices, we infuse our snacks with natural flavours to give you the taste of spicy food minus the health hazards. Our airtight packaging also ensures that your snack will stay crisp and fresh even through months of monsoon.

Indian Origin is constantly striving to bridge the gap between tasty and healthy eating. Frankly speaking, salads, sandwiches, walnuts and pumpkin seeds are all very good. But sometimes, we really crave that typical desi flavour! Our team of crazy food lovers are always on the lookout for quintessential Indian snacks. We test each recipe on ourselves and analyse its health impacts. Only after we are confident of its quality do we bring that product to you.

So, don’t worry about indigestion, adding extra inches to your waistline or getting pimples on your face. Feast on delicious, lip-smacking snacks without any guilt. And while you’re at it, share the love with friends and family by gifting them a box of Indian Origin goodies. We guarantee that you will not find the balance between taste and goodness anywhere else!

Indian Origin is growing brand with a team of dedicated workers. We are always open to feedback. Let us know which namkeen you liked the best, or which could do with some improvement. Have a snack recipe that you’d like to share? Well, we would love to hear from you! Reach out to us with all your queries, comments, or even complaints.

Till then, happy snacking!