What are the most famous Indian snacks that you should try?

When it comes to discussing the top cuisines in the world, India always finds its way to being mentioned. That should not be surprising because India’s cuisine is known for its rich taste. Spice is a huge part of their gastronomic industry but now, we will look at their snacks.

India has its fair share of delicious food with their local curry probably emerging as the top food. When people travel to India, they will always go to restaurants to taste the best possible food that the country has to offer. During their time travelling, people should also look for the best snacks. 

As you have probably seen on platforms like Indian Origin, people love food from the South Asian country. Hopefully, this is true for the top snacks as well because they deserve the attention. 


As one of the most common snacks in India, samosa has been a favourite for a long time. It is a triangular deep-fried pastry with a savoury filling made of mashed potatoes, green peas, and species. While that may sound simple, this snack has limitless possibilities when it comes to its fillings. You can add the likes of chicken, rice, cheese, and many more to the food to make it taste even better. 

Indians have said that this is one of the best snacks that you can eat, especially when it is paired with a cup of tea. It should not be a surprise that this is one of the best snacks in the country because even if you’re not aware of Indian cuisine, samosas are relatively mainstream worldwide cuisine.

Vada Pav

As a staple of the Maharashtra region of India, vada pav is a potato-based snack. It is made up of mashed potato patties that are mixed with multiple spices. It is also deep-fried like the samosa which makes it savoury but the sweet and spicy dynamic is a strong taste. 

The experience of eating this kind of flavour is a special one because you can have fun eating it since it is not too heavy on the stomach. It is popular in the state of Maharashtra but you can expect this snack to come up across the country.


Originating from Gujarat, khaman is a sweet snack that has a spongy texture. It is pleasing to the plate because it is tasty and at the same time, low in calories. This is helpful to many Indians who are looking to go on a diet because they are bite-sized and not too heavy. 

This kind of food is perfect to be named one of India’s top snacks because it is not only tasty but it is also easy to make. It is known to be a staple in Gujarat and it made its way to the nationwide audience. 


With the diverse cuisine that India loves to talk about, momos is quite similar to the food that you can see in other Asian countries. Momos is India’s version of the dumpling but it originally came from Tibet. They are made out of veggies, meat, and herbs. Spicy garlic and chili sauce are usually served alongside momos which gives it that distinct Indian flavour that you expect. 

These snacks are just a small taste of what you can eat in India. If you ever find yourself in a South Asian country, you should try all of these snacks because they are not only tasty but you can possibly learn the recipes and bring them home with you. You can browse places like Indian Origin to learn more about these snacks and have a good time moving forward.

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