Indian Origin: What makes Indian snacks special?

Your trip to India will be filled with adventures, eye-opening experiences and most importantly, tasty local delicacies. Whether it be main course meals, desserts or snacks, you can expect this cuisine to always delight you.

However, have you ever wondered what makes Indian snacks special? Eating them seems to be always a delight which is why in this blog, we here at Indian Origin have decided to list down some reasons why we think they’re a must-try. If you’re curious to learn more, keep on reading! 

It’s a whole experience

The great thing about Indian snacks is that aside from the dish itself, eating them is a whole experience. Whether you’re dining at a fancy restaurant/hotel or a hot and steamy food stall, eating Indian snacks is a memorable experience altogether. Aside from having different ways to be eaten, seeing them being made and served in front of you is a thing of beauty.

Use of various spices

One of the things that you’ll immediately notice when with Indian snacks is that they use a myriad of spices and herbs to enhance flavours. This is the country’s speciality which is why you’ll immediately recognize dishes from this cuisine in an instant. 

Moreover, these spices aren’t just for show as each one plays a huge role in making a certain dish taste that way. Not all spices taste good together which makes Indian cuisine more impressive because they’re able to know which ones are great to mix.

It’s exciting

The great thing about Indian snacks is that they’re inconsistent making each one exciting to taste. One moment you’re eating something sweet and the next thing you know, you’re indulging in something savoury. 

Moreover, the excitement factor is evident because their looks are sometimes deceiving. A great example of this is the country’s use of pastries. As tourists, you would think that their pastries are sweet but once you try them in India, they’re seasoned with various herbs and spices.

They’re easy to eat

Another reason why Indian snacks are a must-try is that they’re relatively easier to eat compared to foods from other countries. Even though of them are an acquired taste, it doesn’t cross the line of being exotic, so visitors won’t be intimidated to try them.

This is also the reason why millions of tourists flock to the country each year because the cuisine isn’t hard to get used to. 

Moreover, most of the snacks are light on the tummy which makes them much easier to digest.

Indulge yourself in Indian snacks!

Now that you’ve learned what makes Indian snacks so delectable, it’s time for you to try them out for yourself. You can either find these dishes in Indian restaurants near you or better yet, why not visit the country itself! Regardless of which you choose, you won’t regret making this decision.

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